North Coast Velo Cycling Club



We are a recreational organization for cycling enthusiasts in the North Coastal areas of San Diego County. We are committed to promoting safety, health, and fitness through our shared love of cycling.


We provide weekly rides as well as, upon request, special training sessions for cyclists. You must always wear an ANSI-SNELL approved bicycle helmet to ride with us.


Our rides begin at Mance Buchanon Park in Oceanside right off of College Blvd. at 8:00am. See our "Saturday Rides" for our current riding schedule.


Our club is a member of the League of American Bicyclists.


Join us to have fun, ride safe, get stronger, and make friends - all while exploring some of the most beautiful scenic routes in Southern California.


Our Vision


We are a community of cyclists who enjoy getting together, building lasting friendships and creating a culture of caring, sharing and fun.


We encourage riders at all levels to ride safely, build confidence, and accomplish things they never thought possible.


As leaders in the cycling community, we develop better cyclists through education.


Finally, we create a better world by giving back to good causes through volunteering, fundraising and club-sponsored events.  We promote cycling as a form of transportation and a viable choice for living an active and full life.




Our Code of Conduct




As a part of North Coast Velo Cycling Club, we ride in a safe and predictable manner.

We wear helmets with proper fit & adjustment.

We follow the laws specific to all the local areas we ride.

  • We stop and wait at traffic lights & stop signs.
  • When turning right, we take a position behind cars turning right.
  • When going straight, we line up left of right turn lane; clearing turn lane.
  • Where safe, we single up allowing cars to pass.
  • Where "sharrows" are indicated, cyclists may take the full lane.  
  • We yield to pedestrians.

 To promote safety while riding:

  • We scan for obstacles/risks, warning those close behind by visual/verbal cues.
  • When turning left, each rider is responsible for scanning and the last rider scans and signals the merge left.
  • If a person has a physical or equipment problem, we ensure they are safe.